7259838420_d3dde1c99c_zIn 2012 LITGROUPS started offering 3 workshops per year – one workshop per session during the school year.


What are Workshops?


Workshops are an extended amount of time for students to engage in literacy activities that take more time than our after-school programs allow. Our workshops are hosted when there is no school during the day (a school professional development day, a parent-teacher interviewing day, a Saturday, etc.).


Some examples of workshops that we have hosted:


Readers’ Theatre 3 levels of script difficulty; multiple read-through’s; expressive reading games; costumes; group performances
Cooking – Picnic & Healthy Eating Small group work; cooking techniques; healthy eating discussions and games; collaborative meal time
Cooking – Ethnic Food banquet Small group work; cooking techniques; cultural awareness & celebration; collaborative meal time
Cooking – Italy Small group work; collaborative meal time; games and activities; cultural awareness – guest presentation
Scrapbooking Students’ personal pages; shared experience reflection; poem writing and selection; group writing; visitor contribution
Grow Science experiments; Biblical stories; live animal visit; plant awareness

Who can attend workshops?


Any student in grades 3-6 may attend our workshops, free of charge. Space may be limited due to location size and the nature of the workshop being considered. A parent/guardian-completed registration is necessary for a student’s participation in a workshop. Parents/guardians can register their student online via our registration page.

How do students find out about workshop information and availability?


Workshop information is given in written form to students that are in regular weekly attendance at any of our LITGROUPS locations. Parents and volunteers are notified via regular email correspondence. also posts workshop information on Upcoming Events.

Why workshops?


Our workshops bring together students from our various regular weekly groups. Students meet others from different schools in our city and have a chance to welcome each other and collaborate together. We reinforce a safe and inclusive environment.


Workshops help us send a message to students that LITGROUPS is a literate community – communicating with each other and discovering and sharing ideas together is what we do. Kids are invited into the larger dynamic picture of being literate.


Workshops also create awesome opportunities to invite guests to join us and share their perspective on our topic – whether it is someone showing us their own scrapbooks and process of making them, or someone showing us their newly-hatched chicks and newborn bunnies and sharing about their growth needs and patterns, etc.