LITGROUPS Summer 2022 Registration information



Summer information coming soon.



This is a unique year due to Covid-19. We are taking every precaution to ensure that we are offering programming that is safe for students. Our safety protocol includes the following mandatory measures: 


  • A maximum number of 8 students allowed in each group, based on the size of the space used 
  • A controlled entrance and exit, with students entering one at a time 
  • Hand-washing upon arrival; available hand sanitizer (provided by LITGROUPS) 
  • The mandatory use of a face mask for every attending person. 
  • Social distancing of 6 feet (using 6-foot tables, spaced 6 feet apart) 
  • Regular, daily sanitizing measures 
  • Separate supply bins for each student 


Please do not register your child if you and your child will not comply with these measures; they are not optional and children will not be allowed to participate without adherence to these practices. This is for the safety of everyone. 


Parents must arrange for their child’s safe transport to and from LITGROUPS each day, and provide current emergency contact information. 


By registering, you are agreeing to comply with our Covid-19 protocols and program expectations.