Volunteer Year-End Feedback

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Thank you for all the time, attention, dedication and care that you invested in the lives of youth via LitGroups. Blessings as you continue to walk with God and serve Him.

At LitGroups, we created an environment where students could grow in the following ways:

Literacy Skills
Spiritual Awareness
Willingness to learn
Opportunities to learn

LitGroups has provided the following for students:

An expanded sense of community
A safe and consistent place to be
Opportunities to experience, explore and try new things
Support and inspiration in literacy development
A literacy-rich environment

We have allowed our Christian faith to shape us at LitGroups in the following ways:

Treating students in a consistently loving and respectful way
Interacting with stories and celebrations that have Christian faith connections
Informing our choice of materials and boundaries (eg. things we plan, celebrate or discourage)
Striving to coach students toward healthy relationships between each other
Praying for students
Expressing God's grace and generosity through sharing our time, attention and involvement

As a volunteer at LitGroups, I feel that:

I am more aware of students' needs and potential
I am encouraged to continue caring for kids
I have been able to help students in meaningful ways
I have developed positive relationships with students I would not have otherwise had
My time as a volunteer has been a positive experience for me
I have experienced regular communication and literacy resources from YFC staff
Additional comments
These are my suggestions for LitGroups' improvement:
These are my suggestions for themes, topics, activities or resources that we could try at LitGroups:
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