6923307712_6f77edc0cc_zWhy volunteers?


We learned from educators during our initial program design consultations that the best way to significantly impact a youth’s literacy is via one-on-one attention and coaching.


We heard that and took it to heart – while our hearts were also pulled to be able to help as many youth as possible. This knowledge of the significant impact of close attention and trusting relationships became a catalyst for designing a program that seeks to maximize volunteer involvement within a small group setting. At LITGROUPS, we chose to aim for a 2:1 ratio of youth to volunteers in our program, which enables significant support and interaction between volunteers and youth.


LITGROUPS staff recruit, develop and care for volunteers.

What volunteers do


  • Help us to create a respectful, inclusive literate community
  • Build relationships with youth and facilitate positive interaction and relationships between youth
  • Facilitate activities at table groups – whether leading or explaining games, supporting writing efforts, being a catalyst for brainstorming on a topic, or encouraging reluctant readers or writers to engage with manageable steps, prompts or modelling
  • Come alongside youth during independent reading time and suggest or help choose books, listen to students read, support and prompt reading strategies when needed, talk about the story being read, interact on the meaning and main points or interesting parts of a book, and at times read to youth
  • Help us talk, laugh, play, create, read and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Help us serve and clean up snack, and wash dishes, clean bathrooms, and sweep floors! We all pitch in, and volunteers help share what it takes to make LITGROUPS happen.

Who volunteers?


Our volunteers ages span from 12 to 70+. We have volunteers in grades 7-12, university students who love working with kids, those looking for experience working with kids because they are studying to be teachers, and those who are empty-nesters that now have the time to invest in kids because their own are grown up. Our volunteers are those who are able to come weekly, who have submitted a volunteer application form (with references), a criminal record check (if over 18) and a child abuse registry check (if over 18).

How do I volunteer?


Contact Roxanne at roxanne@wyfc.ca. She will be in touch with you to meet in person and to initiate the volunteer application process.

What’s in it for me if I volunteer?


As a volunteer, you will have the regular opportunity to:


  • Interact with and enjoy the energy of grades 3-6 students…and there’s lots of energy to enjoy!
  • Learn about how kids learn and get familiar with reading supports and strategies for middle years youth
  • Participate in brainstorming, shared reading and writing activities, creative projects, cooking endeavours, play games, have stimulating discussions, help kids channel their energy!
  • Sample great snacks!
  • Pray for the needs of youth with your volunteer team
  • Work with others who also care about kids!
  • Build your resume for future employment, especially if you plan on working with kids/people in the future
  • If you are a high school student, you may be able to arrange to receive credit at school for your volunteerism.