Sample Lesson Plans

We aim for high participation and engagement at LITGROUPS.


Our time together is meant to have us connect with each other, explore various themes, play with ideas and words, and discover new information and ideas through reading every time we meet.


We discover history and gain awareness about our world, AND we stretch the reaches of our own ideas and imaginations with student-created original materials – whether poems, stories, plays, or recipes.


The lesson plans we have shared here are meant to give you a sample window in to our time together at LITGROUPS. You will notice three parts to our time – each one intentional, with a specific role. We always have snack together, with some creative and playful ways to interact with each other. We spend time on a theme together. And, we have independent, self-selected reading time. Okay, the truth is, we throw in a generous amount of parties, cooking and games to keep things fresh! There are so many things to celebrate!…or we can make up new reasons!


Check out some of our sample lesson plans below.


Life in Northern Canada

Theme: Canada Literacy Focus: listening, predicting

Around the World

Theme: Around the World Literacy Focus: Reading, speaking

Lemonade - Poetry

Theme: Poetry Literacy Focus: word recognition, writing